"He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure." Psalm 40:2

Meditations on Christmas

Brothers & Sisters,

Christmas is a beautiful reminder
of the incarnation
that led to our salvation.
Because of the precious gift of Christ,
His sacrifice for us,
and the new life God gave us through it,
we are united together
in one body.

If we trust Christ alone as our Savior,
we’re on the same team.
We wear the same jersey.
We have the same captain.
The same playbook.
The same goal…
His glory.
Obedience. Holiness.

In our fallenness we don’t always play well.
Sometimes we fumble
We fall
We run the wrong direction
We stay on the bench
We forget the goal
We forget who our enemy is
and – blind to the spiritual forces –
we sometimes battle as if our enemy is flesh and blood.

But God

in Christ

has bound us together
in the same body
adopted us into the same family
and brought us near
making us one holy temple
and fellow citizens

And despite our continued struggle with sin
this side of eternity
God gives more grace
so by the Spirit we can lock arms,
resist the devil,
and grow in our ability
to love each other well
and reach the lost around us.

The gospel changes everything.

God promised it would
and our experiences testify that it has and does.

Rejoice in God’s great wisdom,
love, and faithfulness!
For unto us a Son is given!
Christ our Savior
who is not only our salvation
but also our peace.
our strength.
our comforter.
our unifier.
our life.
our only hope.

Let us never lose our awe of Him.
Let us never stop our praise of Him.
Let us never fail to remind each other
of His coming, sacrifice, resurrection, and love.


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