"He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings." Psalm 40:2

About Me

Welcome!! I’m so glad you stopped by!

My name is Jenni. I’m just a girl – a sinner like everyone else – who wallowed in the muck and mire of wickedness. Yet God, in his mercy, drew me from the mire through the gift of faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Psalm 401-3aHe set my feet on solid ground, and set me on a journey down the challenging and thrilling narrow path to Zion. I’ve got scars and skinned knees – and try as I might I cannot keep these new clothes clean – but I’m joyously rescued and forgiven. I’m loved and welcomed more than I ever dared to hope even though I am more sinful and flawed than I ever dared to believe, and that never stops blowing my mind. So out of awe and gratitude I press on in this life, praying for God’s grace to help me believe, trust, and obey.

I’m nobody special. I haven’t written any books, I don’t have a Masters of Divinity, and I’m not best friends with anyone famous. I’m not a formally trained writer, and I’ve been accused of terrible grammar abuses (accused of terribly abusing grammar? accused of abusing grammar terribly?).

I am simply a thirty-something wife, mother, and home-keeper. I enjoy a very rich and full life with the family God’s blessed me with – doting over my love and best friend, home educating our children (those still at home…our oldest graduated last spring!), managing our home, and serving the Lord and others further as He leads and allows. Serving beyond the walls of my home and church takes different forms during different seasons.

I started this blog to simply share what I’m learning and thinking about as I study the Word and live life (read more about the blog here). So, if you have a few minutes, do please pour a cup of coffee or tea and visit here a while!

Still want to hear more about me?? Get to know me a lot more in this series: 30 Chances to Get to Know Me.

Now, this blog is not a business. I live very full days, and strive to be ruled by God’s priorities – not mine, or my blog – so I may or may not post regularly. It really depends on the particular season I’m facing. I will try to post regularly, but I will not stress myself or my family out about “having” to get a post up. I appreciate your understanding. ❤

Finally, sister, have you been drawn from the mire? Have you ever realized that you’re in the muck and mire, and you need the Savior? Do you know that you, too, although more sinful and flawed than you ever dared to believe, can be more loved and welcomed than you ever dared to hope? Click here to read about what every woman needs.

I welcome your thoughts! Do please leave them below.

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