"He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure." Psalm 40:2

Cows and Evangelism

Well, we bought the farm.

Actually, we only bought a cow – um, part of a cow. A cowshare to be precise.

In our state it’s illegal to sell/purchase raw milk but one can drink as much from one’s own cow as they like. One cow produces waaaaaaay too much milk for the average family (unless one becomes a prolific cheese and soap maker, which I don’t plan to) so some local farmers allow us to purchase a share of a cow which gives us right to a percentage of that cow’s milk. For example, if four of us co-own a cow, we split the milk four ways. Yum-o!

Why am I bringing up cows? Because of evangelism.

Hang with me, I’ll explain…

When we went down to the farm to meet Maple the cow (and all her beautiful field-mates) we also met the family who boards and milks the cows. This kind-hearted Mennonite family invited the kids and me into their home, and we ended up enjoying a full hour or so of their wonderful hospitality & fellowship. Their daughters played the piano for us, and allowed my sons to play for them as well. We sat around their old kitchen table (the sturdy, perfectly-worn hardwood kind that Pottery Barn wishes they could sell) and warmed up by the wood stove and with friendly conversation.

Like a pro street evangelist, the head of the household swung our conversation around to spiritual things before I had a chance to think about it. I’m ashamed to say that I’d actually not planned on bringing up spiritual things on that first visit at all, myself. In a most gentle yet direct fashion, the gentleman began to ask about my beliefs and sort of size up my spiritual situation to be sure I knew Christ as Savior. This thrills my heart a million times more than the 2 gallons of fresh milk!

I’ve rarely had the privilege to be on that end of the conversation. This gentleman and his wife cared enough about me and my family and our eternal destination to be sure and witness to us before that first visit was over. Before I’d even signed the papers on the cowshare!

Money wasn’t important to them at that moment – obedience to Christ was. What they could gain from me in this world wasn’t important to them at that moment – my soul was.

Can you imagine the impact they could have for the Kingdom if they witnessed to each shareholder? What if they also witnessed to others they encounter as they go about their daily business? What if you and I were to do the same?

All of our daily interactions and seemingly mundane transactions are perfect avenues for evangelism. We have so many opportunities to extend hospitality and to give just a little of our time sowing into the eternal lives of others. I know this, and I have what are often strong convictions about it, yet I’d fallen off the wagon yet again. The last month or so I’ve had my proverbial blinders on too often and have remained far too internally focused (both on myself and my household). Now, my household is my God-given priority. It’s not to be neglected. Yet I encounter other people on a regular basis, and I never know which breath will be their – or my – last. Where is their soul headed? Do I really care?

Evangelism is not a matter of climbing a box everywhere one goes, it’s a matter of simply demonstrating genuine love in word and deed, and having the guts to ask, “So, what do you think happens when we die?”

I’ve found that people are eager to tell you what they believe and where they believe they’re at spiritually. This opens the door for you to share Christ with them.

We just have to care enough to ask.

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