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What is Family Worship? {Family Worship: A Woman’s Perspective}

What is Family Worship? Blog Series Family Worship: A Woman's Perspective

Do any other wives out there have husbands who will sometimes privately mull over an idea, decide to go for it, and then excitedly announce the new change without bringing you up to speed first? No? Just me?

(I have to add that he is much better about this than he used to be!)

Over a decade ago, my husband announced that we would start “doing family worship.” 

I had no clue what he was talking about.

We’d done some form of family devotions off and on up to that point, but nothing consistent for any length of time. 

I had so many questions. What makes family worship different from devotions? Where did he come up with this idea? What does it look like? 

What is Family Worship?

In a nutshell, family worship is a regular time (often daily) when the household gathers to sing, read Scripture, and pray together. 

There’s a spectrum of practices that could be labeled “family devotions” or “family worship.” I think the key difference I see most often is that family worship has all three elements, whereas family devotions tend to have only Bible reading and maybe prayer. 

Our journey beginning family worship, tweaking it, experiencing it, and persevering with it, has been challenging – and amazing. I’m so thankful my husband dropped that bomb 12 years ago, and I rejoice with how God has used this tool in the hearts and lives of the members of our family. 

Most of what I’ve read about family worship is written either to husbands, or from the husband’s perspective. Yet I’ve spoken with countless sisters-in-Christ about it, and I think women have a different perspective as well as rich insights to share. This series is an attempt to discuss the practical and spiritual dynamics of family worship, from a woman’s perspective. 

Topics in this series include:

  • What I love about Family Worship
  • Objections to Family Worship (Is it even biblical? Does anyone really do it? What about the role of church?)
  • Benefits of Family Worship
  • How Family Worship is so much bigger than the activity itself
  • Practical aspects and logistics of Family Worship
  • Resources for Family Worship
  • How to do Family Worship with different specific age groups of children
  • Guests in Family Worship
  • Challenges with Family Worship and tips for overcoming them

I intend to publish new posts in the series each Tuesday, Lord willing. 

Feel free to comment or contact me with other topic ideas or questions!

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