"He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure." Psalm 40:2

Will we hate God, or hate sin?

Good post regarding today’s shooting over at The Gospel Coalition. We can respond to this – or other tragedies – with hate towards God, or hate towards sin. I, too, choose to hate sin.

“I cannot offer a snippet of Scripture or a platitude to comfort those families, or to comfort you, my fellow believers. The day of our comfort is a future one. All I can offer is to hate my sin more deeply than I did yesterday and to cry out to God for a time when the groaning of this creation gives birth to that which is once again good. If hope ever transects hatred, it is here. In a few hours my own children will walk through my front door, God willing. I can be a mother who loves deeply and unselfishly in a world that is not safe. Surely that is the least I can do for these precious lives.

Today is a day for hatred. Today is a day for the weight of our sin to be felt in full force. May our hearts break under the blow. May they be shattered to dust.”

Read the rest here: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2012/12/14/a-day-for-hatred/

4 Responses to “Will we hate God, or hate sin?”

  1. The Master's Slave

    This is the main reason we brought our children home to homeschool them. We must protect them from the horrors of school and a secular society. From this massacre to the slow death children receive through secular humanism, we cannot afford to allow our children to be subjected to this. God made a way for us, Couldn’t He make the way for you?

    • Jenni

      Hi there, Brother! I’m not sure if your question is to me directly, or for the contemplation of readers generally.
      We, personally, are in our fourth year of homeschooling and still loving it. The physical dangers of school weren’t at all our primary reason for removing our children from traditional school, but the physical safety of our children at home is indeed a GREAT benefit of homeschooling! So is, as you said, their protection from the slow death of secular humanism amongst other things which were present to some degree even in the “Christian” schools our children attended before the Lord moved us to homeschool. God has used the lifestyle of homeschooling powerfully in our household, and He has indeed made a way for us to begin and to continue – financially, spiritually, academically, and emotionally – through trials and difficulties. He will make a way for any of His children to obey. What a MIGHTY God we serve!!
      The children and I blog about school, etc, over at http://thesupergreatadventure.blogspot.com ,if you’d like to see that side of us 🙂

      • The Master's Slave

        No it wasn’t to you personally because I know of your homeschooling, but to parents in general. Wouldn’t it be a blessing to all and glorifying to God to see this tragedy as an opportunity to see a swell in children going home? My boys were in a “Christian” school and aside from the odd mention of God and seeing Zondervan’s kids posters everywhere, there really wasn’t any difference from the public school. My oldest got bullied because he was more innocent than the others and when I went to Christian school as a child, I was terrorized until I went back to public school in my senior and started working out with weights and learning how to wrestle. A Christian school is nothing more than a guise for a place that supposedly has morals to send your troubled kids to. The problem, just like this Adam boy is with the home. Parents working all the time, divorcing, not spending any time with the kids. Kids being raised by the TV, video games, etc. No wonder we have so many children either growing up gay or killers…it’s a fine line.

  2. Jenni

    A fine line, indeed! I had similar experiences to what you’ve described in my years in Christian School, though I must admit that during the season that my parents pretty much fit the busy description above in one way or another there was ONE teacher who took an interest in me and the Lord used her in my life tremendously. Unfortunately, as you know, that’s the exception. It would be amazing to see an exodus from schools and a bringing in of Christian children to the caring, biblical, sacrificial instruction of godly parents in loving homes! It would be amazing for more and more Christian parents to begin to actually understand the huge responsibility before them and the parental duties laid out by God. It would be so wonderful if God mercifully gave another Great Awakening, and the scales fell off the eyes of many. Our world is blinded to so much. I know I was – I probably still am blind to things (Phil 3…if Paul hadn’t arrived, I’m quite sure I haven’t!). I long for others to see the truth, though – about Christ and about schools, abortion, and a number of other issues. So many live their entire lives groping in darkness and worshiping self, and the cost is so great.

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